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A Complete Assistive Devices Manufacturer.

We offer a wide range of Assistive Devices for Right Leg Disability, Left Leg Disability, Both Leg Disability and For Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).
God created Man, a complete life form that is capable of taking care of itself. Man created an environment to suit his needs like shelter, vehicles, factories etc. While creating this environment he caused pollution, destroying nature and unknowingly harmed himself in numerous ways, causing disabilities to body and mind. Accidents of any kind may occur anywhere and anyhow, making a normal person handicapped either physically or mentally.

Our Mission

To Provide Better and Economic Solutions of Assistive Devices for People With Disabilities.

Our Vision

To Become a wrold class manufacturing and services provider company of assistive devices for people with disablities.



Company was established as Anand Motors at Jaipur Received the Award titled "Jaipur Samaroh-1998".


National & International Exhibition at Delhi, Lucknow, Shri Nagar, Banglore, Kolkata.


Disability Workshop NID Campus Ahemdabad, Gujrat.


Disability Workshop Youth Hostel, New Delhi.


Exhibited The Assistive Device at "MDRT Canton Gaungzhou,China".


Received "National Awards" for the best inovative product for disables, New Delhi.


Received "Rajasthan State Award" for best innovative product for disables Jaipur, Rajasthan.

We at Anand Motors, Jaipur, Rajasthan, are established in 1998 and work for the people who have the problem lower limb disability and unable to drive there own car.
The biggest problem for handicapped in India is to move himself on its own by a vehicle that he can operate independently. The vehicles for such people are limited and that too are made by some specific manufacturer and that too with limited options. All the three major controls of the car are controlled by leg/foot. These are
• Brake
• Clutch
• Accelerator
So the person who is having any kind of disability in there leg, is thereby become unable to drive the car. But, by installing Anand's Hand Operating System in a normal car, the foot controls are transferred to the handle bar below the steering wheel and are oprated by left hand. The uniqueness that we provide is that the orignality of the car is maintained and no alteration being made in the orignal foot controls of the car, i.e., a handicapped person as well as normal person, both can drive the same car with hand controls and foot controls simultaneously. We are working in this business of providing mobility through asistive devices from last 20 years rendering our services. We modified more than 3000 cars all over India, south africa, Bangladesh and Srilanka.

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